Blocked Drain

Drain Clearing Using High Pressure Machines

Experienced plumbers typically use 5000 PSI machines for drain clearing which can clear drains 40 metres long from one access point. These units are independently powered with truck mounted petrol engines which means all they will need is a water connection to a garden hose tap to get your drains cleared fast.

It’s a nasty job but somebody has to do it…

Drain clearing can be nasty at the best of times but our recommended plumbers will always clean up before they leave and disinfect any problem areas.

Difficult Access or Don’t like too much noise… No Problems!

You might be able to get the plumber to use a 3 phase electric powered drain clearer if fumes or noise are a problem with compact self contained units measuring 600mm x 900mm x 1340 mm high that can go just about anywhere

Drainage Camera

This is a great technology. It can locate blockages and breakages without having to dig up your drains to find the source of the problem

Ask your plumber about having a Camera Survey undertaken if you have recurring problems with your drains and want the problem fixed properly.